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Kunzite has such a great heart energy. The heart is helped by using both green and pink. We have awesome pieces of both green (hiddinite) and pink (kunzite at http://www.exquisitecrystals.com/products/minerals/kunzite

Lemurian Seed Quartz are wanted be every healer. Our google rankings have gone south for this keyword. If you want to see our supply of Lemurian Seed Crystals, follow this link: http://www.exquisitecrystals.com/products/quartz/lemurian-seed-crystals


If you are looking here for our latest updates, you will need to go to www.exquisite-crystals.net newest blog. We have radically updated our website at www.exquisitecrystals.com with so much great material. We have also opened our new jewelry site at http://www.exquisite-crystal-jewelry.com.  And soon we will have our tumbled stone site open at www.stonestash.com .



Here is a story on CNN that I just saw that I really love. This is an incredible family just because they are not trying to be incredible.. they are just being themselves. Incredible!



I hope you are having a great weekend. I am certainly looking forward to relaxing a bit this weekend! It has been a month since I have had a day to just relax.. and I am going to enjoy it! I have to go with John JR to Home Depot to help him haul something back... but that will be fun. ( I hope!).

We have been busy this week working on the first group of new Tucson material for you. We got our freight back here last Monday. Then we had to unload it from the pallets and start cleaning it and receiving it. We actually had to go buy new racks to put the new stuff on as we had run out of room. We will be receiving and posting all of this new merchandise for months to come. After John JR came home from Tucson, I kept buying, and buying and buying. It is sure going to be fun!

Here are this weeks updates:

Citrine Spheres  I found some really clear and very nice Citrine Spheres. There sure weren't too many to be seen in Tucson. One friend who as a store in Southern California couldn't find any good ones for her store!

Chakra Healing Sets  My first day in Tucson... my first hour in Tucson, I headed over to my friend who makes the Chakra Healing Sets. We bought all but two of them! For the very first time we were able to get a few sets under $200! Those are smaller pieces, but they sure work! I even bought several single stones as well
as one more set of Super Sevens!

Russian Lemurian
 Sacred Scribes
  I thought we would never see any more of the Russian Lemurian Sacred Scribe Quartz. BUT that was not to be true. One day in Tucson, I wanted to go see a certain Brazilian Dealer. John JR wanted to go the opposite direction.  As I have been trying to teach him to trust his instincts and intuition, we went his direction. AND.. we walked into the Russian Lemurian Sacred Scribe Quartz. What we found was a supply of Rough Quartz of this wonderfully high energy quartz. I was amazed that we had found this! What we have posted is very nice pieces of the rough quartz. It sure does have a very high vibration and an internal clarity and brightness seldom seen. Next week we will post the large pieces we were able to get as well.  This is NOT newly mined material... it was stuck in a customs warehouse in Europe and was finally recovered after over 10 years!

Papagoite Quartz We had a private appointment to see a collection of Papagoite and Ajoite quartz that had been put away for over 15 years. The crystals were being held in a private home to which we were invited. This collection
was amazing! The problem was that the entire group was for sale as one lot which was about the same price I paid for my home. There were only 40 pieces of quartz... so we had to pass on that one. :-) However we were
able to pick up a few other Papagoite pieces that we hadn't seen for a few years. This is all we have now... but I am very glad to have it.

Ajoite Quartz  We were able to find a nice selection of "affordable" ajoite quartz in the $55 to $200 range. While they are not as nice as our normal Ajoite, a lot of you have asked for these. We were not able to get them before, so we brought these home to send on to you.

Sacred Carvings We searched for some unusual Sacred Carvings this year. We acquired some in Opal, in Garnet and even a Tanzanite Buddha among others.

Tibetan Quartz  We posted some Tibetan Quartz.

Fluorite Included Quartz  John JR posted the rest of our Fluorite Included Quartz in order to make room for  more crystals... and they are on the site at a "Name Your Own Price". Regular price on these was $15, so go ahead and name YOUR price on them. Please make your price reasonable, but have fun!

Kunzite - Spudomene  I love Kunzite! The heart energy is so amazing wonderful.  We posted some more polished Kunzites... great color and greater prices!

Vogel Wands  We added some Vogel Wands... our stocks on these is getting pretty low and we were only able to find a very few in Tucson that met our standards.

Clear Casa Quartz  We added more Clear Casa Quartz Points.

Petalite  John JR hand picked a bunch of Brazilian Petalite in Tucson.. and he brought it home himself so he could get it posted. Petalite is a stone of Angelic energy!

Azurite  Posted some new Azurite Pieces.

Growth Interference Quartz - Nirvana Quartz  This was sad news for us. There wasn't anything in Tucson in good quality pieces of the Growth Interference ( Nirvana Quartz). I was looking for some.. but the dealers
just don't have any quality material any more. It looks like it has run the mine production. What was there was very low quality. We posted the rest of our inventory that we had on hand for you to choose from.

There we go.. that is our first Tucson update! I hope you enjoy the items we posted this week.. and watch for more!

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara



I feel the warm Tucson sun calling me! We will be there in less than two weeks. John JR and I both have Tucson fever! We are looking forward to finding some new things for you.. and finding some new great restaurants for us to try. :-)

In order to make room for all of things we are going to buy, we are making room to bring them home. So.. John JR snuck in while I was sleeping on put a whole lot of things on sale at half price! Dang Kids! And you will even find some more surprises there as well. You will find all kinds of things.. Ajoite, Tanzanite,
Tsavorite and many more great items. The link is below.

Private Sale  We put up the rest of the private sale items.....

Candle Holders  Valentines is coming up really soon...here are more of the
Selenite Heart Shaped Candle Holders

Sphere Stands ... yep.. nothing exciting for me.. but we have had requests for these..

Gem Elixers  I have added three new Gem Elixirs...

Books I found a couple of new books... to help with manifesting and bringing in
what you would like in the new year. One is by Michael Beckwith, an Oprah favorite
and the other is another author featured in "The Secret".
Herkimer Diamonds  I found a full new flat of really great Herkimer Diamonds...I am so glad that we finding this great stock.

Secret Sale
  And here is John JR's secret sale... 50% off and more!

Enjoy...and please help us create some room!

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara




Dear Friends,

Here we are.. Saturday night on the west coast. We have all experienced a lot of emotions and lots of drama this week. I am getting ready to turn the Television off and not turn it back on! So today I was asking what I could do. I stated in the update a couple of weeks ago about the weekly prayer for the country (and the world) and that is one thing I can do. You too. We get where we feel
so out of control and so helpless that we can't do anything about what is going on around us. The truth is ... is that this is absolutely not true. So what did I do? Meditate. What am I going to spend more time doing during this turmoil time? Meditate! Holding Rose Quartz is great for your meditation or using
any of your favorite crystal friends.

Selenite Wands  Selenite is a great cleanser.. so when you are done with your meditation using your stones, you can clear and charge them by placing them on a selenite plate overnight. Next week we will posting large selenite charging plates, so watch for those. In the meantime we have posted a bunch
of selenite suitable for smaller crystals and for holding as well. Selenite will help you to hold the light.

 Pyrite Suns  We haven't had these for a while.. they are pretty neat...

 Small Elestial QTZ  These are great for removing negative energies... and grounding. One of the themes  that came out during our last trip was grounding crystals... lots of Smoky Quartz... with the news  getting everyone worked up we can use all the grounding we can get.. for ourselves AND for the planet!

 Eudialyte - NEW!  Another stone we haven't had for a while... a great heart stone.

 Charoite Cabs  Lovely and beautiful purple Charoite from Russia.

 Phenacite  Added a couple of large Russian Phenacites... full complete Crystals too!

 Spirit Quartz  WE added quite a few nice Spirit Quartz...
 Petalite  Petalite is an Angelic Energy! Last time we posted these.. you guys bought them all! John JR had picked all of these pieces in Denver. I think he did a very good job! :-)

 Emerald Crystals  John JR fell in love with all of the different forms of Emerald. I did too! So now we have a lot of Emerald.. the most varied and largest selection we have ever had!

 Aquamarine in Matrix  These are in incredible deal. Aquamarines from Brazil in Quartz Matrix. I was excited about these are they are great for laying on of stones as the quartz is flat on the back...

 Sandstone Slabs I have no idea of what Sandstone is good for energetically.. but dang they are pretty!

 Septarian Slabs  Septarian slabs are really pretty too!

 Native Copper  is a very interesting mineral. Great energy conductor!
 Lapis Freeform    WE picked up some super high grade Lapis in Denver...
 Lapis Pendants
    And we picked up some really nice Lapis Pendants...
 Citrine Polished   These are really clear Citrine.. and much nicer that the pictures show....These would be great for desktop pieces on your work desk...a great reminder that you are in the flow of prosperity.

  Angels   For the first time... we have Angels!

  Animals   We added new Animal carvings....small gifty ones...

    And we added some small Quan Yin and Buddha carvings too.

There we go.. our updates for this week. Enjoy... and remember to meditate!

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara


Dear Friends,

What an update we have for you today. This update is so special, I am going to get right to it.

Before the Denver show I contacted my favorite Brazilian dealer, a man who is well respected Geologist and mineral dealer. I asked him about the Smokey Lemurians we have got in Tucson to see if there were anymore, and if there was anything else that i should be aware of. He told me about a new find of Elestial Quartz that was a Rutilated Elestial Quartz! We were excited as this had not been seen before. When he came to the states, he and his brother went to the University of Arizona in Tucson to use their equipment to determine if the inclusion in this new find was indeed Rutile. After two days of intense work... they found that it was not Rutile but rather Goethite and Hematite inclusions. He saved them for us to see first in Denver and of course, we bought all of it except for a few larger pieces. This is a very small new find.. and I do not think there will be anymore.

Small Elestials
Medium Elestials
Large Elestials

While having dinner with Paul Jensen and his wife we got to talking about what we could do that was new and exciting with his line of Tools for Evolution jewelry line. He has a few really killer pieces that don't get a lot of attention as they are the top of his line and are only shown at two shows a year.  We are going to
start offering them for a limited time...one month.. on Exquisitecrystals.com. These are the best Paul has to offer and we are including some very special stones. They are gorgous!   Tools for Evolution  Limited Editions

Here is a single piece... John of God Citrine with a Burmese Phenacite. Awesome.
John of God Jewelry

John JR has gotten the bug... it has only taken a year but he has got it now! When in Denver we were able to meet up with Lawrence Stoller and together, Lawrence, John JR and I were able to hand select  some really incredible Gem Grade rough for Lawrence to make into some one of kind exclusive pendants for us. Some of these,
he has never done before: Russian Phenacite, Scapolite and Tanzanite! Be sure to take a look.  Lawrence Stoller Pendants

Ruby Prosperity Sale  John JR and I were talking about what we could do to help our friends/clients/customers. We thought about manifestation and prosperity and decided that we would offer our entire stock of Rubies to you at 20% off for one week. Rubies are great for manifesting wealth and retaining wealth. So... let's see
what you can do!

Crystal Skulls   We picked up some small - Medium large Crystal Skulls in Denver.

Que Sera Stones  We have a new supply of Que Sera Stones.

Tumbled Stones  Another brain storming idea between Dad and Son. We are now offering a 25 % discount on tumbled stones when you buy 10 or more of the same stone and same size.

Lamps  On the front page of the website is this new Citrine Cathedral Lamp. The really cool thing about it is the Base..a natural basalt stone base. It gives the whole thing a really great look and natural feel.  The citrine cathedral is
pretty darn nice too!

Strawberry Quartz  We found a nice small parcel of Small Strawberry Quartz points.. sweet , small and affordable.

Chakra Healing Sets  Once again, going to the show early paid off. We got first selection of the Chakra Healing Stones sets by Bob Jackson. He made us another set of Super Seven Chakra stones... plus another 9 sets! We have been out of stock
on these for a long time.. and these are some super Sets...

Oregon Opal Spheres  I was at a local show last week... and the man who I usually buy our Oregon Opal from had to take me to another dealer who had these incredible Oregon Opal Spheres. He knew I would love to see them... and he was right. I bought them! These are incredibly magical... and quite large for Opal Spheres. Nice!

Light Bases  Not much to say... they are rotating light bases with either colored or white lights.

Emeralds in Matrix  Emeralds in Matrix from Brazil. We have some gemmy emeralds coming up soon.. but these are great! You get a LOT of emerald for your dollar in these. WE got lucky and get a great deal that we could pass
on to you.

Fluorite Rainbow fluorite worry stones and bracelets.

Rhodochrosite  And lastly... something I have been wanting to get for a long time.... high grade Rhodochrosite! These specimens are from China and we really sweet.  They are really red and powerful!

There we go.. what a great update! I hop you all enjoy the new items.

In gratitude and appreciation,

John, John JR and Tamara

Hello All!

There is a lot of energy being thrown around the world! The news is gloomy... and
the ads on TV are getting so old... I just wish they would stop all the nonsense. I think
they should actually ban negative ads and only allow Politicians to talk about themselves and not about the other guy/gal.

I belong to a net group of New Though Ministers and several of us have committed to doing prayer work for the county and the world. We realize that the problems here in the USA affect people all over the world. So on Sunday nights from now until the election we are praying on Sunday nights for Right and Proper Outcome of the Election for All Concerned. We are not praying for a candidate or outcome. We know that the energy I call God/Goddess/All that is is much smarter than we are so we open to that supreme intelligence knowing what is best and we move into that knowing and allowing. At the bottom of the page beyond the updates I will list for you the prayers that have been suggested. You are welcome to join us in these prayers if you wish. There is also a prayer for what is happening now with the Financial situation as well.

Now.. let's get to the good stuff... the updates!  These are all new product that we bought in Denver.

Ajoite... These are not new.. but I will be taking the sale prices off at Midnight this Saturday, Sep.27 at Noon Pacific time. What we found out in Denver is that the current wholesale pricing on Ajoite is what we are selling ours for at retail. And then.. we had them on sale on top of that. So this is the time to get yours if you have been waiting.

Aquamarine  We posted double terminated... a rare tabby twin and a bunch of other really nice Aquamarines from Pakistan.

Peridot  Posted a new lot of really pretty and clear Peridot crystals ... these are great for the heart energy!

Lapis Crystals  Something brand new for us... Lapis Crystals on Matrix. These are very cool and would be great for using to increase psychic awareness.

Vogel Healing Wands - Major Vogel Updates! This is the most Vogel Wands I think we have ever posted! Actually probably the most we have ever had at one time. There are two Vogel Wands with Manifesters! That is a first that is so awesome! These do go really fast..we have been out of the smaller ones for a long time...so I am giving you fair warning. Also John JR has taken pictures of the Wands, and in the larger ones, taken additional pictures of both ends of the wands. Be sure to click on the details for the pictures so see ALL of the pictures..the quality of the cutting is so precise.

Moldavite Faceted  We had a request for Faceted Moldavite Stones... here they are!

Moldavite Pendants  We also ran out of the Moldavite Pendants we bought in Tucson.. we have a fresh new supply.

Tanzanite Crystals  WOW! We found a new supply of wonderful Tanzanite crystals that are simply breathtaking in their beauty and color. Great for bringing out your spirituality and clairvoyance.

Papagoite Quartz  I found ONE affordable piece... the only one in a few years.

Soapstone Buddhas  Really well done Buddha Statues carved in Vietnam.

 Lawrence Stoller   
            A whole new batch of Pendants from Lawrence Stoller. Check them out!

Remember... crystals and minerals can be great investments. Will it may be not as easy
to turn them into cash as stocks... they do keep their value and increase in value. We all
know that there aren't many new ones being made!

Below are the prayers you can use if you want to join us in this powerful and important service.  FYI.. these are all examples of what is called Positive Prayer.

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara

Prayer #1

RESOLVED: That Divine grace, Divine love, Divine wisdom hereby blesses and sanctifies the magnificent country of the United States of America and brings leaders of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence to be the ones to guide and aid us to ever greater expressions of the Divine as this country. And so we believe and so we give thanks.Amen

Prayer #2_
My Prayer for My Country
Believing in the Divine destiny of the United States of America and in the preservation of liberty, security, and self-expression for all, I offer this, my prayer for my country:
I know that Divine Intelligence governs the destiny of the United States of America, directing the thought and the activity of all who guide its affairs.
I know that success, prosperity, and happiness are the gifts of freedom and are the Divine heritage of everyone in this country.
I know that success, prosperity, and happiness are now operating in the affairs of every individual in this country.
I know that Divine guidance enlightens the collective mind of the people of this country, causing it to know that economic security may come to all without the loss of either personal freedom or individual self-expression.
I know that no one can believe or be led to believe that freedom must be surrendered in order to insure economic security for all.
The All-Knowing Mind contains the answer to every problem which confronts this country. I know that every leader in this country is now directed by this All-Knowing Mind and has the knowledge of a complete solution to every problem. Each is compelled to act upon this knowledge to the end that abundance, security, and peace shall come to all.
And I know that this spiritual democracy shall endure, guaranteeing to everyone in this country personal liberty, happiness, and self-expression.
Ernest Holmes
Prayer #3 - Use this one now...

I know that Divine Right Action is occurring now, as it always has.  I know that we have called forth a candidate for change.  And I know that the basis of our philosophy is "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.  It is wonderful to know that we are against nothing but for our highest and best to be made manifest.  And I know that everything is working together for our good.  It is the nature of God to do so.  I accept that this unfolds in the most perfect way.  I know that it is all good for it is all God.  I am grateful.  And so It is.  Amen.


Good Afternoon!

It is only two days until I leave for Denver! Then on Monday John JR will come and join me for the week. This will be so much fun... I get to teach my son how to buy! And.. get this.. he is starting to go from his head to his heart! Oh yeah!!!!!!! :-) :-)

It will be interesting to see what he chooses this trip.. in Tucson he went for a lot of metal type minerals...hematite, rutile etc. Most of what he went for is great for mental work.. let's wait and see what pulls him this time. He was very attracted to Opal though... so we shall see!

Here is our last update before we go shopping...

Ajoite Quartz We added a TON... well not a ton but a LOT of
Ajoite Quartz.. and have put them on sale. I have had this put back.. and not wanting to sell them off as Ajoite Quartz is my very favorite Quartz and probably the most favorite of all stones for me. I could just lay them out all over my home.. and put that unconditional love everywhere! But.. I have decided that is it time
to share some of that love with the world.  I actually admit that I may be an Ajoite addict.. as I would love to keep it all. BUT.. it didn't come to me to just sit in a box on a shelf... I have never put these kind of sale prices on Ajoite before.. and may never again. BUT for now... they are available and priced at unheard of sale prices. Hello.. my name is John and I am addicted to Ajoite.

Rose Quartz Rough  Gorgeous smaller rough rose quartz from Madagascar. You can buy several for layouts or for creating love grids... this is the good stuff Maynard.

Shiva Lingams  Added smaller 3-5" Linghams...

Lithium QTZ  Added Lithium Quartz

Rose Quartz Elestials  Posted some larger Rose Elestial Quartz... NICE!!!

Zincite  Added Zincite

Quartz Hearts  Added Clear Quartz Hearts

Garnets  Added small Garnets..

Other Quartz
We have one piece each of Silver in Quartz and Copper in Quartz...

There are out updates for this week!


In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara



Good Afternoon!

It seems such a long time since we sent out an update... it has been two weeks!

Anyone watching the convention? I find it very interesting... and think we are in very wonderful times. When we have two people like Barack and Hillary at the top of one of our Parties, it is indeed a huge step forward for all of us. I am neither
black nor female, yet it excites me so much to see this. Maybe we really are moving into the Age of Aquarius!

I have a couple of announcements for you! In about 10 days I will be heading out to Denver for the 3rd largest Gem and Mineral show in the world! John JR will be joining me this year for most of the week so we getting geared up for one heck a show! If you have any requests for special orders please do let us know. We are not always able to find what you want.. but we try! Here is what we need:

Item Wanted
Price Range

Here are this weeks updates!

Huge Jewelry Sale!  Sale runs through Monday September 1st at Midnight Pacific time.

We have marked a select group of Lawrence Stoller Pendants on sale.... for just a limited time.

And we have marked the entire stock of the Indian Jewelry Necklaces at 25 % off!

And... all of the chipped necklaces at 25 % off!

And... all of the assorted Gemstone Pendants!

And the rest of the updates for this week...

Etched Quartz ... another new Etched Quartz from Brazil. These are really cool.. and I was only able to get 3 of the larger ones... they are flawless internally.. and are similar to the Nirvana Ice Crystals but much more clear and higher vibration.

Boji Stones  Added Boji Stones..

Moldavite  Added Moldavite specimens

Metamorphosis QTZ Added pounds of Metamorphosis Quartz by the Pound..

Obsidian  Added Rainbow Obsidian in both Double Heart shapes and round disks..

Spirit Quartz Jasper  Added some tumbled Spirit Quartz Jasper

Blue Kyanite  Added Blue Kyanite Blades..

Septarian  We haven't had any septarian for a long time.. but we have it now!

Carnelian  Added additional pebbles of Carnelian...

Day Old Bread  And.. I moved some items over to the Day Old Bread Page.

There are this weeks updates and sale items.

Have a great long weekend if your in the USA.. and for our foreign friends, I wish you the best as well!

In gratitude and love,

John, John JR and Tamara




Hello All!

Well we are back from Wisconsin. From what I see on the news tonight it is just in time! Wow.. the weather is bad back there with a lot of flooding and tornadoes.

The wedding was great! The forecast was for rain... actually hard rain. We all went to help set up the wedding area on Friday morning. The first thing we did was pull together everyone there and did a prayer circle. I asked for all of our spiritual helpers and all of the grandparents and  family who were with us in spirit to clear the way for the day and to blow away the clouds. Amazingly after we got the reception area set up the sun came out and we had a gorgeous wedding day!

Nora, my granddaughter thought the party was for her. She was the flower girl and had just turned 3 earlier in the week. With her flower girl dress she held the dance floor the entire evening. No one could out dance Nora. Even grandpa got to spend a few dances on the floor with her!

I must say how grateful I am that I have been provided the honor to officiate at both my children's wedding this past year. This has truly been a fathers dream come to manifest. (Must be all of those manifestations crystals working for me! :-) )

We have some nice things for you this week as well...

Citrine Casa Quartz  Today we posted an entire box of Citrine Casa Quartz... most of them only $15!

Gemstone Pendants  At the last show... I bought a bunch of pendants... John JR did a fantastic job of photographing each one... and they are now posted.... all 40 of them!

Metamorphosis QTZ  We posted a bunch of tumbled Metamorphosis Quartz as well as some new and unusual new tools. Bob has somehow figured out how to cut flat slabs that will asterisk. These would be great for super powered healing treatments. Also he has created some incredible  sterling silver wands... each with a Metamorphosis Rod on each end. They are really interesting..and to tell the truth I don't quite have a handle on them yet... It seems to me that they should be used
as acupressure point tools to transmit light into the point.

Dream Quartz  WE posted a bunch of new high grade  dream quartz from Tucson as well as a really cool phantom that was the only one of it's kind.

Pink Fire Quartz  Get them while you can! We posted the rest of our Pink Fire Quartz from the Tucson trip and they are selling quicker than I can believe!

Casa Qtz Spheres  I was able to pick up a few larger Casa Quartz Spheres... two smokey and one Amethyst.

Black Tourmaline  We posted some more Black Tourmalines... they have nice formations and luster.

Chlorite Qtz Wand  One large Chlorite included massage wand.

Rutile QTZ Mini   These are cute as heck...

Rose XL Massage Wand  Sometimes I just have to get something when I see it.. these were that way. They are large Rose Quartz Massage Wands that are "twisted" with a fluorite cap like the selenites wands we have had for a couple of years
now. The difference? They are HUGE!

Here are some updates that we did before the wedding that I didn't have time to tell you about.... or send you links to...
India Beaded Necklaces
 India Necklace Sets
 Gemstone Chip Necklaces
 Manifestation QTZ
 Red Agate Plate
 Rose QTZ Geodes
 Watermelon   Tourmaline
 Rose Quartz Wands
 Obsidian Wands
 Earth Heart Pendants
 Magician Stone Pendants
Rose Quartz Elestial
 Rose Quartz Scepter
 Sunstone Sphere
 Sunstone Egg
 Fibrous Malachite
 Vera Cruz Amethyst

There we go! Enjoy the updates... and please be careful where ever you are.

In love and light,

John Sr, John Jr and Tamara


Dear Friends,

There is so much negative energy in the news that I want to do something to bring some fun to all of us.

Exquisitecrystals.com very seldom has sales. The reason for this is that we try to bring you the very best hand selected crystals and minerals at a reasonable price. We know that you can sometimes buy cheaper, but we are sure you will never be able to buy better quality at a lower price. When it comes to metaphysical, light worker and energy tools the wisest choice is always to choose the best quality.

I have decided to have a sale and toss in a few surprises. I have marked 10
items at 10 cents! I can't tell you where they are... you will have to find them.
When the 10 items are gone... the 10 Cent sale will be over.

In addition to the 10 cent sale all items will be on sale at 10 % off for all orders
that total under $100 and 20% for all orders that total over $100!

Your discount will show when you add your items to the cart. Because of the new advanced shopping cart we installed in April, there is no need for rebates sales.
You get the discount immediately! YAHOO!!!!!

Ok... we do have  lot of new items too... you can see these on the update pages
at http://www.exquisitecrystals.net

The discount sale runs from 05/26/2008 to 05/29/2008.

Have fun and know that we all appreciate you!

In gratitude and fun,

John SR, John JR and Tamara



Good Evening!

Wow... what a great year for Politics! For those of us in the United States we have a great opportunity to truly make a difference. I can't turn myself off from CNN these days. I just want to hear about all of it!  I won't go into who we should support for President or why. We all have our reasons for what we believe and who we believe would be the best person for the job. But man.. I am excited!

How are you liking the new site design? Did you know you can log in and check your orders to see where they are at in the process of being processed? You can!  I am seeing a lot it "Wish Lists" being created and that is very cool. If you have any questions, just send us an email and let me know.. or even pick up the phone and make a toll free call. I LOVE talking to you all!

Here we go with this weeks updates:

Smokey QTZ w/ Hot Spots  I was able to get jsut a few of these... they are very hard to find. They are Brazilian Quartz with natural "Hot Spots" from natural radiation. There is additional information on Love  Is In The Earth.

Cathedral QTZ  We have added a few Cathedral Quartz, also known as Atlantean Temple Quartz.

Golden Healer Phantom QTZ  I only found ONE in Tucson that fit the label of Exquisite..

Amazonite w/ Blk Tourmaline  We put up a full box of Amazonite and Black Tourmaline Specimens... and they are all very affordable too.

Clear Casa Quartz  Today I saw we were very low on Clear Quartz Casa Crystals from the John of God Center in Brazil. Now we have a bunch. :-)

Vanadanite  This is a favorite mineral of mine. I really enjoy the beautify of the structure of Vanadanite. They come from Morocco.. and are just gorgeous.

Hearts (LOTS!)  I think I may have gone crazy for hearts in Tucson. We have all kinds of hearts now. .. just in time for Mothers day! We posted a bunch of new mini hearts as well as a few double hearts in assorted minerals. We even have some Golden Healer Quartz hearts! Stone hearts will last longer than flowers you know! ;-)

Apatite -New!  Here is a new item for us... Electric Blue Apatite.  These are truly striking.. polished tops and natural bottoms... so pretty!

Star of David Pendants  This is the first of many of the Tools for Transformation jewelry series that we going to be adding more of. You can take a look here at more than 30 different choices in just the Star of David Pendant!

AAA Laser Quartz    One of my missions in Tucson was to get a new supply of Laser Quartz. There hadn't been any of the nice Diamantina Laser Wands at the last few shows.. the last couple of years! So we were actually out of stock in Diamantina Laser Quartz.. but now have a full supply. There is even a huge one. that is marked at a near wholesale price. If you want a large one... here it is.

Medium Elestial QTZ   Posted a few new Elestial Quartz here.

Herkimer Diamonds  Added some more Herkimer Diamond Quartz specimens. Large, small and in between. You can't beat a top quality Herk for a gorgeous and high vibration stone.

Lawrence Stoller Pendants  And lastly... here is a new supply of Pendants from the Master Cutter.

Have a great evening.. it is still early on the West Coast... and those of you overseas.. have a great morning!

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara



Hello All!

I don't have a lot to say tonight... it has been a quick week! The time is flying by so fast.. and it is only about a month until John JR heads to the land of cheese to get married! So... I won't bore you with my idle chit chat.. but get right to the updates.

We have some very exciting updates for you tonight!

Faden Quartz  We have new top grade Faden Quartz from Pakistan.

Etched Quartz  Here is something totally new and very exciting! Please follow the link to see what Melody has said about these quartz crystals. When I talked to Melody about them in Tucson..she was very excited about them. These are not only Etched Quartz.. but a totally new find of Quartz from Brazil. Many are very clear and bright.. with incredible markings on them. Check them out.

Smokey Lemurian QTZ  I have only 8 of these.. and they are all super nice. They say Smokey.. but are actually Smokey Citrine. WOW!!

Sacred Carvings  We have some outstanding carvings! Simply outstanding.

Golden Healer Quartz  Another super exciting update... an amazing grouping of Golden Healer Quartz Crystals from Arkansas. This is perhaps the nicest selection of Golden Healers we have had.

Rutilated Quartz   John JR fell in love with Rutile! He picked these out in Tucson and did a great job. He sure is learning quick!

Hematite  This is another John JR pick. These are cute Hematite crystals with great formations.

Amethyst Scepters  We have a whole selection of the Fairy Scepters in Amethyst. They are so cute and sweet... buy a bunch and make an Fairy Garden!

Rose Quartz Elestials  Added  a few really nice colored Rose Quartz Elestials.

Rutile On Hematite  This is another John JR pick. He loves those metallic minerals. He has a great mind so that may be why he is attracted to these "mind stones". Plus.. they are really attractive and very esthetic.. as well as affordable.

Fire Quartz  A whole bunch of new Fire Quartz from Madagascar.

Phenacite   We walked into a nice grouping of Brazilian Phenacite. From small to large.. they are very clear and have a very intense buzz. As a friend once said.. " Instant Enlightenment!"

Topaz Here is the last for today.. but also a very important one. We have only a very few extremely rare Purple Imperial Topaz. They have great form.. and super color. We took all that the dealer had.. one of the best Brazilian dealers in the business.. and only left two small ones. We also picked up a nice selection of Imperial Topaz. LOTS

There we go.. lots of new items... lots of great items. Enjoy the update and embrace the weekend!

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara..



Aril Fools! No way.. this is so incredible... look at that list of updated items on the left column. Holy Moly! Our new site is
finally up! We have been working on it for 6 weeks.. and now
we are live! Please take the time to check out the new site and the amazing functionality it has. No longer do you have to worry about having a Pay Pal Account... you can search to your hearts content.. you can look up all of your orders... you can see when your order is processed.. so much you can do. We are overjoyed with the results. Please do send us feedback of what you like or don't like. We LOVE feedback.




Hello Friends!

We don't have an update to show you tonight. However I do feel that I need to get a note out to you.

We are doing well! I received a note from one of our customers today asking if all was Ok here in Vancouver. She had not seen an update on the update site since 02/29... almost a full month! She was worried about us which is really sweet to hear.

We are still waiting to open the updated site. John JR has been very busy taking pictures while I am receiving new merchandise in and Tamara is  pricing and flatting out minerals. We even brought in an extra helper to assist us in readying the new crystals and minerals from Tucson.

We have unpacked a LOT of Golden Healer Quartz from Arkansas... the most we have ever had. John JR has now photographed and is in the process of posting the most amazing Kunzite and Hiddenite... many of them are bi colored
and some are phantoms... with both the green and pink in the same pieces...showing as phantoms. We posted a whole page
of Fairy Crosses... they are really nice.  Also we have posted the first ever for us... Que Sera stones that are in the new Melody Book. As we unpack the new stuff...

I am getting really excited. It is amazing how when I buy it.. I don't get nearly as excited as when we get it home. When we get it here..unpack it and get it ready for you, it really comes alive.

We will have a lot for you when we get the updated site ready. If we can all put our positive thought hats on and see the new site up and running...perhaps we can get it to reality a little sooner.

Those of you in the areas of the country (and the world) that
are having problems with the weather, know that we are sending
you light and love.

Thanks for your patience!

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara



Here is your first long awaited update after Tucson!

We made it back.. and had a great trip. As always, there is more to do and see than we
can squeeze in. The first few days get really exciting.. then it becomes a huge blur. I see so many crystals and minerals that they all kind of become one.

And then we get home.. start to unpack and I get excited all over again. Once we get the crystals and minerals back home.. I can see once again what it was we bought and why.. they are great!

So here we go...

Casa Quartz  These were here waiting for me when I got home. We finally got some colored Casa Quartz again! Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Citrine and Clear Quartz. YEAH!!!

 X-large Cathedral QTZ  Here is the great big one I talked about in my teaser from Tucson. The color is incredible... the clarity is unsurpassed... and value.. outstanding. John JR did a great job capturing the beauty of this magnificent being.

 Pink Fire Quartz    Wow... WOW.. and WOW!! Wait until you see the fire in these. Melody talked about the pink fire quartz in her new book... and said they are also being "Tinkerbell Quartz". Well.. I am the only one that has called them this.. so I guess Melody was talking about Exquisitecrystals.com! OH yeah.

 Zincite   Not new from Tucson.. but we did add some zincites.

 Quartz w/ Epidote  Added a fully green Quartz w/ Epidote that came from China. It is really green!

 Fire Opal   I only got a few of these... but they are sure pretty! Black Fire Opal.

 Cathedral Quartz   Put up a nice Cathedral Quartz Wand... at the bottom of the page...

 Russian Phenacite  You've been waiting.. and we put some a nice dozen or so of some well put together Russian Phenacites....

 Super Seven Cabs  Here you go! Super Seven Cabs. This is the best assortment of Super Sevens we have had.  The coloring is extreme.. the energy is really great... just check out the page and feel the heat!

Gold in Quartz   John JR got down to Tucson about a week after I did.. and after I picked him up at the airport we headed right out to find the Gold in Quartz dealer. We picked up these for the first time in Denver, sold out of them.. and couldn't wait to find some more for you in Tucson. John JR was really looking forward to
getting these.. and boy.. did we.

 Larimar Cabs   Oceans of New Age larimar. The peace stone.....

Amethyst Chappelas  One of our regular customer requested one of these Chappelas... They are Amethyst Geodes that have the base cut and placed on a wooden Base. We use them for creating Altars and sacred space.
They are perfect for putting your crystals or sacred items into for clearing, charging and upping their spiritual energy. We only had 3.. and there are now only 2 left. We used to be able to find quite a few of these.. but they  are getting hard to find as they don't weigh as much a full Geode... so the miners and importers don't make
as much from them as they would from a full Geode. The good thing for us is.. they are in my opinion prettier and a much better value.
Oregon Opal  Here is another John JR passion for you. He has fallen in love with Oregon Opal. We have posted the nicest of what we bought in Tucson. These are outstanding... polished and just oodles of beauty! We are working on posting some additional raw pieces.. probably quite a few of them.. but this is all of the Polished forms.

That's it for this week. Enjoy.. and we will see you soon with more updates!

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara


Good Evening or Good Morning!

I like to chit chat a bit before I tell you about this weeks updates.. but to tell you truth.. I am tired.  We have been nose to the grindstone ( If you know where that term comes from let me know) and have done a bunch of updates.. including several new items! YAHOO!!!!

Quartz & Prehnite  IN Tucson last year (2007) I bought a bunch of this as I thought it was really cool.. and it is inexpensive. It is not as showy as I like it has sweet energy.. and I didI say it was affordable?

Tumbled Stones  Added some great Tumbled Stones including high grade Mangano Calcite, Ex large Rhodochrosite and a few others.

Lemurian Jade  Here is one of the new items.. Lemurian Jade. Some folks are calling this the new "New Age Stone". It is interesting indeed... and we have it several forms just in time for stealth healing for our loved ones.. disguised as a gift. :-)

Quartz Spheres  We brought several really nice Rainbow Quartz spheres in Denver... and  a couple of Morion Smokey Quartz too!... oh.. and two.. only two metamorphosis quartz

Magnetite   Here is another new page for us... these are really cool.. and this is all we have for now.

Russian Lemurian QTZ  Here is the rest of our Russian Lemurian Sacred Scribes. I have no idea of when we will get more... if we are able to get any!

Quartz w/ Garnet   Incredible Smokey Quartz w. Garnet Crystals. These are the best.. the very bestwe have ever had.. including the largest one I have seen as a single crystal.. which is perfect!. There are many that are very clear and lustrous with a few garnets.. and somethat are just covered with garnets but have a more milky quartz.. both are stunning in their own way...I would suggest one of each for the yin/yang effect...

Small Elestial QTZ  We added a bunch of Elestial Quartz... on both the small and Medium Elestial Pages..
Medium Elestial QTZ

Spirit Quartz    Added Spirit Quartz...

Oregon Opal  WE put up a full new page of Oregon Opals! Nice.. sweet and full of hope.

Growth Interference QTZ  This is it.. the remaining stock of small Growth Interference Quartz... Enjoy!

Cathedral Quartz  we added up some new Cathedral Quartz.. including a bunch of really sweet little ones..they are full of light.. and very affordable!

Lawrence Stoller Pendants  We have some of the nicest pendants from Lawrence that we have had. There are some larger ones in here.. and man are they nice!

Animals  We finally got our carved animals back in.. and we added some new ones.

There we go..I hear the Hot Tub calling my name! Come and jump in with me some time!

In gratitude,

John, JR and Tamara



Good Afternoon!

It's time for another update from your favorite crystal people! :-)

The wedding was great.... I have posted a couple of pictures on the left column this week..... I hope you enjoy them! I am so proud of my daughter.. and her new husband. Don't they just look great together? Jason's mother
calls Stephanie her "Little Christmas Tree" because she lights up like one when she smiles! How sweet!

I can't believe that next week is Thanksgiving here in the US. This is my favorite holiday of the entire year. John JR is going to take a couple of days off to prepare for the family.. he loves to cook and will be making our turkey.. as well as most of the rest of the stuff.  We usually have the TV on while we are working in the morning..and watch.. yes.. we watch... or rather listen to and occasionally glance at The View and then Martha Stewart. I thinkJohn JR found a couple of Turkey Day recipes today that he may use. I can't wait!

Ok.. here are your updates for this week!

Seraphanite  ... put up a whole new page of Seraphanite Slabs...

Casa Quartz  We recieved a new supply of Amethyst and Clear Quartz Casa's... these are really nice ones. There are a couple of pyramids too in clear quartz. This will probably be the last we get until next year sometime.

Tibetan Quartz  Finally... we got a whole bunch of Tibetans back on the site....

Lithium Quartz  In Denver we hand selected a nice group of Polished Lithium Phantoms... some double terminated and others self standing. These are sweet...and then we added a bunch of smaller items... great for stocking stuffers.

Phantom Quartz  John JR and I hand selected a bunch of new Phantom Quartz in Denver.. including a bunch of really cute mini phantom quartz...

Rose Quartz Spheres  We don't often see Rose Quartz with Stars on them.. but this group of Rose Quartz Spheres have some really great asterisking... on one of the spheres, the star actually looks like it is rising up off of the sphere.
It is amazing!

Calcite   We added a Large blue calcite display piece... as well as small rough Blue and Citrine Calcites.

Quartz Hearts  Added some faceted clear quartz hearts....

Chlorite Quartz  Check out this Chlorite Polished phantom... amazing color and so striking... and a couple of others as well.

Manifestation Sphere  Added one more manifestation sphere... sweet!

Rutilated QTZ Spheres  I haven't had any of these for a while.. but we picked up three really nice ones at Denver... and one actually has two Rutile Stars! Yeah.. Two Rutile Stars!

Celestite Eggs/Spheres  Also we added some more Celestite Spheres and eggs.. you guys really liked these last week so we fluffed up that page.

There we go for this week... We will be getting another update out next week with some more items for gifts.... and maybe a nice gift or two for yourself as well.

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara



We had a great Autumn day here in Vancouver today. The sun was out and it was around 70 degrees! It is a real treat after a couple of weeks of Northwest Rain. Nice! I love the rain... it would be snow... and it keeps everything so green.. but there is really
something to be said about sunshine.

We have had a very productive week!! Yahoo!!! Although there may not seem like a lot of
items... in the items we posted there are a lot items! :-)

Phenacite ... In Denver I was on the Phenacite trail..... picked up some from Russia Urals, Brazil (plus one really huge one!) and a bunch of the ultra fabulous Burmese Phenacite. With the unrest happening in Burma right now.. I am so glad we have a nice grouping of these very highly energetic crystals. Phenacite is one of our highest vibration stones for opening the crown chakra and opening to full potential.

John of God Pendants  We added a whole new set of John of God Pendants in both silver and gold. Remember we add a booklet talking about John of God and the healing use of these pendants. It is never to early to start your Holiday shopping.

Metamorphosis QTZ  Added a nice supply of Metamorphosis Quartz... this was all I was able to get this year at the Denver show... there was a very limited supply.

Fairy Scepter Quartz  At the show there was a dealer showing these really sweet little scepter quartz. They are small.. like Fairy Wand Scepters! Very cute.

Himalayan ICE Growth Interference   Ok.. here we are. I was able to get some smaller pieces of these highly sought after crystals from the Himalayan Mountains.  Ours are priced less than $1 a gram.. with many being as low as 50 cents
a gram for some of the larger pieces..  The problem is that a large mail order crystal seller has been selling these as Nirvana Quartz for $1.50 a gram and there are currently dealers on Ebay selling them for $2.25 a gram!

The dealers who are bringing these to the shows have supplied that seller (as well as the rest of us)  Because the mail order companies' marketing is done so well, they are selling them very well at that high price. The foreign suppliers have raised their prices greatly in relation to those high retail prices.

When we sell out of the current stock, and have to buy new stock. I will have to make a decision as to whether I want to sell at those prices or to get out of that material all together. I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it.
But for now...you can still get my original stock at much lower pricing and we have posted ALL OF OUR STOCK for you to choose from.

Please know that I am not trying to say anything bad about any ones else's business.. but I think it is only fair to you that you know what is happening in the marketplace.

Dream Quartz
  John JR kept taking pictures of the Dream Quartz.. and I kept posting them. There are a bunch of these on the page right now... many small pieces... so check them out!

That is it for this week... I hope you enjoy the new pictures.. and the huge selection of the posted items.

Talk to you next week!

In gratitude,

John, John JR and Tamara


Good Evening!

Here I am.. three weeks after the last update! WOW!

The Denver show was fantastic! There weren't a lot of new things this year to get excited about but I did buy a lot of stuff that will be new for us. Gold in Quartz, Tsavorite Specimens, Moldavite Bead Necklace and much more. So much that I can't remember everything! So don't ask! :-)

The teaser I was giving you on the September 1st email was about Russian Lemurian Quartz. I still haven't unpacked them but they will be going up soon. ( I hope ).  The other exciting item that I have not had in quite a while is  Pink Fire Quartz. For those of you on the list that are new, this is what I like to call Tinkerbell Quartz. There is a link
on the Pink Fire Quartz page to a movie I made of this incredible quartz... and the fire just plays around like Tinkerbell!

I have a super exciting announcement!! October 1st there will be two John Van Rees's working here! John JR is now joining John SR full time. We have tried to get him to help in the past, but having a more than full time job and  being one of the best fathers I have ever seen has kept him quite busy. My granddaughter is a handful! :-) She would
have to be.. she has by genes! Johnny taught me how to use my camera and he built my first website back when I was doing prison ministry... 11 years ago! I am so looking forward to having him here. John and his family will be moving very close to me next week and I can't wait for that. John and his FiancÚ, Megan and the most beautiful girl in the world  (my granddaughter Nora) will be in the neighborhood! YAHHOOOO and Thank you God/Goddess/all that is! Nora is only 26 months old.. but she is already Grandpas Rock Girl. She will walk around and say.. Rock... Rock.. and then something
special shows up and she says "Pretty Rock!". Looks like we may have 3 generations someday.

What does John JR coming into the business mean for you? We will be able to get more items on the website! John JR joined me in Denver and he is really excited about the Rock business. He fell in love with the Fluorescent Minerals and now has the bug
to get out and try his hand at mining. I have some ideas about what I want us to do with the site.. but first and foremost is to get more items on the site for you all.

Ok.. now I have shared my excitement. Life is good!! And on to the updates:

Flame Aura Quartz  Added a bunch of highly colored Flame (Rainbow) Aura Quartz..

Pink Fire Quartz  Here they are! These are awesome!!!

Ajoite Pendants  I added ONE new natural Ajoite Pendant...

Day Old Bread  Added some new items onto the DAy Old Bread Page.

Oregon Opal  We picked up some affordable Oregon Opal Spheres in Denver... very sweet energy.

John of God Jewelry  Posted a whole bunch of new John of God Jewelry. Check them out... really nice pendants and new combinations. You may want to put on your sun glasses though. :-)

Super Seven Qtz I was able to pick up a palm full of Super Seven Cabs. They are moving fast and this is all I have right now... I don't know about any more.. I hope so.

Pendulums Finally!!! We are getting started on Pendulums. I plan on having more.. but for now we have these.

Kunzite  I love Kunzite soft love energy. Here are some really nice affordable pieces.

Fire Quartz  Added Fire Quartz to the page.

Spirit Quartz Jasper  I have added Spirit Quartz Jasper Tumbled Stones as well as put up some new incredible Spirt Quartz Jasper Wands.

Tools for Evolution  You will find some new Styles and Stones in the Tools for Evolution page by my friend Paul.

Ok.. that is it for tonight. John JR will be here in a week... and all is well.

In gratitude, love and light,

John SR



Hello Friends!

In the USA we are having our last holiday of the summer... the Labor Day Weekend. I hope all of the USA customers are taking it easy and honoring yourself for all of the hard work you do all year.  For those in the rest of the world, I would encourage you also to be easy on yourself and take stock of how hard you work. Often we all toil too much thinking that we have to reach a certain level of accomplishment or income in order to be validated for who we are. The truth is that our worth is not measured by our title in work but by the  title from our family. If we are successful in the work world but unknown by our own family, have we reached any level of success? And more importantly, what is our level of happiness?

I am really learning more day by day of the importance of happiness and self satisfaction as compared to the validation by outside sources of my success. And the miracle in that is that the more I focus on living a fulfilled life, the more material success follows which in turn allows me to do more that fills my soul. It is now becoming a cycle that feeds upon itself.

The bottom line for me is that every day I learn at a deeper level that the most important thing in life is taking care of my emotional and spiritual needs.

What are you doing to fulfill your emotional and spiritual needs? Know that when you take care of yourself, you are not being selfish but building reserves to help others, especially the ones you love.

Labor Day Sale

You don't have to live in the USA to take advantage of the Labor Day Sale.  We are offing through Monday September 3. at Midnight Pacific Time...

15 % Off Any One Item
20 % off Any One Item over $500
25 % off Any One Item over $1000

We will give you a rebate credit when we process your order. Just let us know in the comments section which item you want the credit applied to. You can use all three credits is you want.

All items are valid for the sale except for the new Manifestation Pendants and items on the Day Old Bread page.

Shipping costs will be based on the full retail price of the item(s), not on the sale price.

Denver Gem Show

I will be leaving for the Denver Gem Show next Sunday. There are going to be some very special items there waiting for me. I can't tell you yet what it is.. but I will say it is something really great... the best quality and I haven't had them for a few years. Matter of fact, I have NEVER had any of this quality.

Let me know if you would like for me to try to find you something special. I will be happy to look.

Just let me know:

Item you would like
Price range

Ok.. and here is the small list of this weeks updates:

Casa Citrine QTZ  Added the current remaining Casa Citrine Points.
Atlantean Quartz   Added some sweet Cathedral Quartz
Manifestation Pendants  All I can say is WOW!!! Lawrence has again created some great beauty!

That's it for this week! I don't know where the time went.. but it did..

Have a great weekend.. and please.. take great care of yourself.

In gratitude,




Good Evening!

Thank you to all of you who sent me well wishes for my 55th birthday. It was great! I had my kids here and my granddaughter as well as my friend Joan.  I grilled steak and salmon... oh boy was it good! My son usually does the cooking but it was my birthday so I cooked. :-) I still got it! ;-)

I love the Soft Angelic Love Energy of the Rose Quartz Elestials. I had told you all on an update early this year from Tucson about the super quality lot of Rose Quartz Elestials that I had picked up. I finally got the guidance to post them on the site. I guess I had been holding them back because I didn't want to let go of them! But.. the time has come. I was working really late one night earlier this week to get these on the site. I just couldn't stop until I got the Angel of Love on the site. I just couldn't stop. I paid for it the next day... man was I tired. But.. it is up there now. ( And sitting onmy alter as well.)
Rose Elestial QTZ

This is going to be a great update. I was fortunate to have found  a small group of Super Seven Quartz that we had made into jewelry pieces of Tools for Transformation and also the Tools for Transformation with John of God accent stones! Oh yeah.. they are sweet! I also put up a whole bunch of new Tools For Transformation Jewelry including a bright Danburite Angelic Star with Pink Tourmaline. Be sure to check out both pages to see everything new.
John of God Jewelry
Super Seven  Tools of Transformation  Jewelry

We have added a lot of new Indian Jewelry as well. This has been a Jewelry week for sure. I have added a picture of my friend Sonali who designs these beautiful eastern works of art.
East Indian Jewelry

We were able to get another shipment of Citrine and Amethyst Casa Crystals. Also I have posted the remaining Rose Quartz Casa Crystals and added some more Clear Points.
Casa Quartz

I put up almost a full new page of Lemurian Seed Quartz crystals.
Lemurian Quartz

Added some Manifestation Crystals and a couple of rare Manifestation Spheres.
Manifestation Quartz

Posted a new page full of Chrysanthemum Stones from China.
Chrysanthemum Stone

Added a full box of Indian Zeolites... Apophyllite and Stilbite. These are nice affordable specimens.

I have added a bunch of small Zincite Clusters from Tennessee.

We have posted the rest of our Jewelry Danburites. I hope to be able to get some more Danburite in Denver but we will see what there will be!

There is a fun and fairly inexpensive Elestial Quartz from Madagascar that is covered with Epidote. The largest
one is a really sweet twin. I really like these.
Epidote Elestial QTZ

And lastly.. some more laser wands are now up on the site.
Laser Wands

There we go.. that is it for now. I have had a lot of fun posting these items. There are some things here that I really love... and the other things while not easy to post were fun to get done. (Jewelry is hard to photograph!)

Have a great weekend...

In love, light and gratitude,




Good Morning to you!

Here we are almost two weeks since the last update. Time flies so fast... I think I just sent out an update and here it is two weeks
later and only ONE week before my Birthday!

The birthday next week is a big one... this is the same age that my father was when he had his first heart attack. Actually it was a month before his birthday... so I am now past that point with a huge sigh of relief. He died very young... age of 61. Of course his health was not as good as mine. He had Rheumatic Fever when he was very young in the service protecting our country during WW 2 from the sick bay of his ship during much of his tour. He used to joke about this. He actually was a gunners mate.. he kept the ship artillery clean. It was in China when we has only 17 or 18 and drunk that he got his tattoo... This is what kept me from ever wanting to adorn my body with ink. It was a true blue Drunk Sailors Tattoo... a cross interwoven with roses with Mother written on the cross bar of the Cross. I can hear him as I type this kind of upset with me.. but ... hey hey hey... As early as I can remember I couldn't make out what the tattoo said..or even was. I could see the cross but that was it. The ink ran... it was basically a huge blob. So I am inkless... always have been.. probably always will be.

If anyone wants to send a birthday gift... a new Subaru Forester would be nice... mine has almost 150,000 miles on it now. I love it... but
what the heck.. I wouldn't turn down a new one! :-) (Even if I am too cheap to buy a new one ;-) )

Here are this weeks updates...

Natural Citrine Points   Posted both some really nice Natural Citrine Points and a bunch of the small Polished Citrines..
 Citrine Polished   The Natural ones have great shine... or luster... you should check them out!

 Smokey Quartz  Tabby Quartz are fun... and I really like these Smokey Tabby Elestial Crystals... they are sweet...

 Rutilated Quartz   Last show I found some nice smaller Natural Rutilated Quartz pieces... here they are!

 Dream Quartz   I just put these up.. and they are selling fast again... These are better grade pieces..

 Amethyst Flowers  I found some more small mini Amethyst Flowers.. they have very little amethyst.. but they   are loaded with flower energy!

 Casa Crystals   We got in a new batch of Casa Crystals. WE haven't had any Rose Quartz for a while so there are some of those up now. Also new ones of Clear Quartz, Sodalite and Amethyst.
 Malachite   I don't know what it is.. but I am so fascinated with the Malachite Bullesyes... they are so cool.

 Black Tourmaline   Last show presented some really awesome Black Tourmaline Wands with incredible terminations... the terminations are actually much better than the pictures show...

 Phantom Quartz    Added some new Phantom Quartz.. these are sweet.. gentle energy.. with flipping cool phantoms.

 Golden Healer QTZ
  On Magnesite
         My favorite Brazilian Dealer had these magnificent clusters.. they are Clusters of Snow White Magnasite with Golden Healer Quartz sitting on the Magnasite.   It think they are incredible.. very high vibration... and the Magnesite seams to amplify the Golden Healer Quartz. I would have bought more of them if they had been available but this is all I could get.  In Tucson 2006 I saw a Diamantina Wand Golden Healer with Magnesite that I had to keep for myself. It is now in it's own display space in my new Healing Room. ... that is how much I love this combination!

 Lithium Quartz  Added a couple new Natural pieces... pretty nice.

 Halite  Added new Halite Specimens for you Salt Lovers. :-) This is fun to give to someone.. tell them to lick your rock...and then the taste the salt.. you should see their eyes!

 Rhodochrosite Cabs   I found a few really gemmy Cabs from my good friend in Bombay. These are really nice.

 Cathedral Quartz  Added some new Cathedral Quartz.. my 2nd favorite quartz after Ajoite.  I admit it.. I have

 Penetrator Quartz  This is a whole new page... check it out!

 Lawrence Stoller New Ajoite Pendants by Lawrence. I am always amazed at what comes back after I send him  pecimens to work into Pendants.  They are shown with Gold filled chains.. but we also have the black cords too if you prefer that. Just be sure to let me know. The one pictured on the left is polished so well it looks like glass... and the color so intense it just glows across the room. It is intense... do not wear this pendant unless you want to be noticed...as you will be stopped over and over.

Oh.. one last thing. I am going to have another son! My daughter got engaged last week to the nicest guy... maybe the nicest guy I know after my own son. :-) I couldn't be happier for either my daughter Stephanie or her fiance Jason. They both believe they are with the greatest person in the world.. and they are right. Congratulations Steph and Jason!

Love to you all!!!!



Good Sunday to you!

I hope you are having a nice weekend. The weather here is incredibly nice. It's been in the lower 80's for the highs and down in the 60's at night. I love the summers here in the Northwest. When I was back home in Iowa it was hot..
and it stayed hot at night. So humid as well. I guess that is why I live where I live. I love it here.

My trip home to Iowa was fantastic. The time spent with family was so healing. It is really wonderful to continue to develop a deeper relationship with my sister who is 2 years older. We sat out on her deck overlooking the small man made lake where she lives and talked until the bugs took us over. This is  something that we haven't done since we were young.. if even then. In the past I would want to spend
my time with my Mother as I knew her time was getting shorter. I think I have missed some things with my Sister (Bonnie Jo). I also believe that we will get even closer as we age. Is is pretty darn interesting what happens when both of your parents are gone. We are now (in my opinion) parenting each other in a way. We are supporting each other and loving each other unconditionally. At least that is my perception. :-) This was the first time that I had tears when I left to return to my home. I miss my sister
and her children and grandchildren. I even looked at the real estate listings... but then I remember how hot and humid it is in the summer and how freezing cold it is in the winter and I gain perspective. Besides that my children and granddaughter ( and future grandchildren? ) are here in the Portland area and I wouldn't want to miss them.  There you go.. there was my trip. Too short... that is a first!

Here are the updates...

Huge Golden Healer 
         The only dealer that has had the Golden Healer Phantom Quartz saved this one of a kind piece for me.He pulled it out at the last show and said it was mine if I wanted it. He actually had saved it for us! Wasn't that great?
I have had it for a while ... and decided it could move on. It is the largest specimen that came out of that small find of the Golden Healer Phantom Quartz. There are parts of it that are rough... while the main termination is very good. What
a great healing stone this will make for one of you.

 Zincite Mountain   Here is another one of a kind.... 16 pound Zincite Mountain containing all of the colors of Zincite.

 Russian Lemurian QTZ  I haven't been able to get any natural Russian Lemurian Quartz for a few years now.. but occasionally I am able to find some Polished Pieces. These are really bright and clear polished pieces carved like a Sand Dollar.

 Mini Hearts   Here are some great pocket hearts... for yourself or to give away. Only $5!

 Tumbled Fluorite   Rainbow fluorite brings order from Chaos...

 Fluorite Obelisks  Here are some new obelisks that are actually nicer than they look.

 Brazilian Phenacite
 Burmese Phenacite  Here is a huge update of both Brazilian and Burmese Phenacite. LOTS!!!! :-)

 Casa Crystals   Added Amethyst, Citrine and Clear Casa Crystals.

 Other Quartz   Quartz Twin Covered with Geothite...Very Rare.. this is the only piece that was available.. and I think it was the only one mined. There is only one piece!

 Cathedral Quartz   Added some bright and highly energetic Cathedral Quartz.

 Small Elestial QTZ   Elestial Quartz are always useful... for connecting to Angels and for EMF problems.

 Scepter Quartz   Added a couple of new Scepters. One has tourmaline in the shaft!

 John of God Jewelry  Added a couple of new John of God with Tools for Evolution pendants.

 East Indian Jewelry  Added a couple of new Beaded Neckalaces from our friends in Bombay. There are
more to come as well that are fancy with the drops, etc.

 Opal Aura Qtz   Added a whole box of Opal Aura Points and a couple of small clusters.

 Amethyst Flowers  In Tucson I found a few nice Amethyst Flowers on Wood Bases. One is a cave... pretty cool!

 Calcite   These are interesting for sure. They are Calcite Flowers covered with a frosting of Danburite. These are
all I could find in Tucson that were esthetic... so I have no idea if there will be more or not.

 Danburite   Put up a couple of Quartz Covered Danburites. Cool.

 Creedite  We have Creedite again! This is a pretty mineral that is a sphere shape naturally.

 Celestite   Big ones.. small ones.. but all really pretty ones. I am so picky on the Celestite...

 Lemurian Qtz  Added some Lemurians...

 Morganite/Aquamarine   I saved the best for last.. except for what was first.. which was last... oh well.. it is too late to create a really good joke that makes sense... Anyway... this is a really unusual piece of Berrl that is both Aquamarine and Morganite in the same piece. The Brazilian seller was thinking it would make a great carving piece but
i swooped it up as I really love the energy.... it is both vibrations of the heart and the high heart. What a piece!

There we go.. that is the updates for tonight and I am off to bed.

Good Night!

In gratitude,


Good Sunday Evening To You!

I hope you have had a great weekend wherever in the world you are.
I had an uneventful weekend mowing the yard, looking for a new
aquarium and getting the bug really bad for some new fish! I have had tropical fish most of my life  (since I was about 10 I think) and I love having them.
I have a large Arowana (Dragon Fish in Feng Shui) , a Koi pond
(My Favorite s are a Solid Gold and a Solid White ones) and what
is called a community tank. I am making some changes in my house so
I sold my old aquarium and stand that I used for the community tank.
I went to the large Tropical Fish store in Portland today and Man..
am I jonesing for some new fun fish! Oh well.. maybe
by this time next week I will have the new tank and stand and new fun fish!
Wish me luck!

And here is a happy Belated Fathers Day to all of the fathers.
I had a great one last week. I had both of my children (grown)
and their significant others... as well as my granddaughter and my friend Joan.
I BBQ'd some steak and salmon and then we finished with an
Ice Cream cake from Cold Stone. Yummmmy! Having all of my
family here is truly the happiest times that I have. Those of you with children
and grandchildren know what I mean. Heaven on earth! Thanks kids!

Here are today's updates

Vanadanite  I have been looking for two years to get some new Vanadanite. These can be truly great (like the ones we
now have) or really nasty... so the long wait has been worth it. :-)

Lepidolite Wands  These are fun... Lepidolite Mica Wands! They could be split into two wands each... but I didn't want
to do that. You may want to split them and share yours! How fun!

Mineral Spheres   I bought some Pyrite spheres for the first time in Tucson and also got a refill on Chrysocolla Spheres. These have sold super fast in the showroom... they are already out of the Pyrite!

Citrine  Added some sweet smaller Citrine points for those who need a little extra boost from the 3rd Chakra.

Quartz w/ Muscovite  A totally new page this week is the Quartz with Muscovite Mica. Some of these are Citrine
and they are all nice.

Azurite   We have been out of nice Azurite for a long time... way too long. We now have a full page again. How
long it stays full will be up to you folks. :-)

Ajoite Pendants  I picked out three really nice Ajoite Points to be mounted in 14 KT Gold pendants. I sent these
out and it took three times to get two of them right..and the 3rd one I have up on and told them to take the Ajoite
out of the pendant and just send it back. This was frustrating.. but the good news is that the two that I finally
accepted are fantastic. One of those two sold already.. but there is still one up there. It is double terminated and self healed... what a great healing pendant!

John of God Jewelry  We have a WHOLE NEW BATCH of John of God Jewelry with the power cuts. There are some Citrine Stars with Burmese Phenacite that are out of this world powerful! The John of God Citrine amplifies the Phenacite and the Phenacite Amplifies the Citrine. Also a large John of God Crystal paired with a large Faceted Phenacite. Man oh man.. is that a LOT OF LIGHT! Whoa Nelly.. hold on when you look at it!

Red Phantom Qtz  Added smaller clusters of the Red Phantom Quartz from Madagascar.

Clear Casa Crystals  Added some more Clear Casa Quartz Crystals.

Quartz w/Tourmaline  I filled up the Tourmaline in Quartz Page with a bunch of specimens of
black tourmaline in quartz. These are so sweet.. and so full of inclusion... great stuff!!!

Amethyst Elestial QTZ  And lastly... we have a full page again of Amethyst Elestial Quartz.

That is it for this week... sorry it has been two weeks.. but what a great two weeks it has been.

Blessings and peace to you.

In gratitude,


Dear Friends,

We have a great update tonight for you. In Tucson I got to spend a nice amount of time with Lawrence Stoller and his wife Sunni. These are two very lovely and committed people. Committed to Spirit and committed to working with  the crystals and other humans with compassion, patience and honor.  At Tucson 2006 was when I first met Lawrence and Sunni and they showed me the book, Frozen Light, that Lawrence was busy re-writing, proofing and getting the final touches done. This book touched me deeply by what I read of Lawrence's' writing and his connection with the mineral world. This book is now out and we have it available on the web site and signed by Lawrence. It is a large coffee table sized book and quite beautiful to just look at. Read it.. and you will too be moved.

Also at Tucson this year  Lawrence presented me with the opportunity to make a special purchase of a group of his crystals at a very special price. I jumped at it as I don't think he has created anything I don't love! ( Ok.. I admit.. I did turn down a couple of pieces :-) ) I just finished putting these special pieces on the website including a 15 " Diamantina Laser Wand... with an ET (Extra - Terrestrial base). There are many beautiful pieces.. and some so incredibly clear you can hardly see them in the pictures! I have listed them at the original prices and then listed the special pricing for you. I hope you love these as much as I do.


Here are our other updates for the week:

Mangano Calcite ... Major pieces of Bulgarian Mangano Calcite. These are so sweet.. pink and loving.

Zincite (Polish)   I picked up a flat of Plates of the increasingly rare Polish Zincite in Tucson... here they are!

Tumbled Stones   I added some new Tumbled Stones... I have been amazed how you all have loved these!

Casa Crystals   Added some more Casa Crystals in Amethyst, Clear and Citrine

Growth Interference Qtz  We posted some more Growth Interference Quartz. I see someone else making a really big deal of these and calling them Nirvana Quartz at a substantially higher price than ours... and you don't get to pick yours! I am glad we do things the way we do it. It may take longer... but I like it. :-)

Peridot  Hand chosen Peridot Crystals. These are really nice gemmy terminated sweeties. You will love them!

Ajoite  There is one new one on here that I debated keeping for myself... the termination is half Ajoite and half another inclusion that is probably copper.. but I can't say for sure. You need to see it no matter what. It is very cool.

Picture Jasper  We now have gift sets of Chinese Picture Jasper as well as single units. All on nice bases. These would make great Fathers Day gifts.

Agate Slices.  Something completely new for me.. Agate Slices. I thought we would try them.. and see how you like them. I never got excited about them.. until I put them on the web page. After spending a couple of hours looking at
each one of them in a critical way... I thought.. " man.. these are cool! ". Sometimes we just have to spend some time with something different to learn to appreciate it.

There we go for this week.... many new things coming soon! Stay tuned.

In gratitude and love,








Today is take your Kid to work day. Tamara brought her son Cameron with her today to learn what she does. Here are pictures of them... and one of Cameron actually working! (For free! ) Thanks for coming to help Cameron... now empty those pockets before you go home!


In the Flow... I love it when you surrendor and just get in the flow of energy. I need socks. Flat out.. I need socks. I had them on my Christmas list and still no socks. I need socks. One of our local super stores has a 50% off sale on socks the day after Thanksgiving every year. I thought about going to get my socks then but since it is one of those 'Only Until 11 AM" Sale things.. who the heck wants to fight the hordes of people pushing and shoving. No thank you! So today I decided to go there and get my socks. They had a coupon in store for buy 2 and get the 3rd free. So I got three packs of three pairs of socks for only $5 more than if I had fought the herds for the 50% sale. I know it isn't a big thing.. but I think it is a huge deal. When we struggle against the flow.. we get pushed back. When we lean into the current... and let the flow of life and spirit guide us our lives are so much easier. I am going to try to remember this for myself.

May the flow be with you!


It's a Girl! Yes... I am now the proud parent of a little girl. Named Stephanie and weighing in at what is only her business and standing 5"3". What? What you say? Stephanie has been my daughter since she was 4 years old. For reasons that I won't go into to.. and probably suck anyway... I never legally (or illegally) adopted her. Today we went in front of the Superior District Judge (who would want an inferior judge anyway) and made it legal! I was overcome with emotion and what I got from Stephanie was an " Oh DAD"....When the Judge asked me if I was aware that I would now have all the legal responsibilities, just as if she were my birth daughter all I could do is shake my head. I couldn't get the words out or I would have flooded the courtroom with happy tears.  Stephanie is 35 but as all you fathers know.. they are always your little girl. Today was a very big day for me. I am so grateful that I was able to do this... and that Stephanie was ready for it as well.


Holy Crap! The weather is so hot in the Northwest.. specifically here in Vancouver, Washington that I had bombs going off in my car! Oh yeah... Diet Coke Bombs! I had a 12 pack of Diet Coke in my car... and it was 105 or 104 degrees here today. We sure set some records! When I left to run out to get something to eat... I heard the loud BANG!!!! Then another BANG!!! I thought someone was throwing rocks at my car or it was blowing up! No kidding... It scared the heck out of me! I then thought about the coke in the car.. and started laughing at myself. Oh well... next time I won't leave any soft drinks in the car... that is for sure!


Look at that... over a month since I posted some ramblings! Oh My... that makes for a pretty boring blog eh?

Since I last posted, my mother passed away back in my home town of Knoxville, Iowa. She was my last parent to pass as my father went on to the next experience 20 years ago. It is a strange feeling to not have any parents. I guess this means that I now have to grow up. Or does it? I have thoughts about this... in on way it reminds you of your own mortality. When I was my children's age (25 and 35) I never thought my parents would do as young as they did. My father was only 61 and my mother was 76. I kind of assumed that they would always be there. Well.. guess not. Not in the physical anyway. My father is one of my spiritual guides when I do readings. He is always here. Always! I am anticipating that my mother will show up once in a while too.

My family called me about Mom's last fall.. that her heart had just stopped and she fell down again. She had been falling a lot the last couple of years, caused by various things. We didn't know if she would make it or not... there was not a heart attack... her heart just stopped. They revived her... lifeflighted her to Des Moines to the "big hospital". Those if you in rural areas will know what I mean.. It looked like it was going to be one of those "Get the next flight home" situations... but my sister and I talked about it and decided to make it a wait and see what Mom does situations instead. Mom would get weaker... then stronger... then the nurses would say it looks like she may pull out of it.. then... they would have to revive her again... a see-saw all night long. In the morning my family calls and asks if I want them to keep her alive on the respirator and with the drugs until I can arrive. This is all that was keeping her alive at that point. During the night she can come to me in my dream... in the dream I didn't know if it was real or was a dream... I thought it was a dream.. but it was so vivid and real I didn't think it could be a dream. I was in Mom's living room and she had been sent home to die in her favorite chair. She was happier than I had seen in a long time... and she looked younger and actually vibrant. She was ready to move on. My answer to my family's call was to let Mom know that I was going to be there the next day as I had some things I had to pull together before I could leave. Tell her that if she needs to leave... I am ok with that... that I can visit her on other levels of consciousness as I had in the dream. As they had revived her at last 3 times in the last 12 hours... she was in tremendous pain as was my family. They were there waiting with her... watching for every breath to be the last one in this body. My message was given to Mom... and within a half hour, she traveled on.

I had always heard how sweet it is to be with your parent or a loved one at that time of transition. I missed that. But I had the beautiful experience of seeing her happy and excited to go on during that wonderful dream. Thank you Mom for bringing me that joy of saying good bye.


I want to thank each and every one of you that sent me happy thoughts and well wishes. I was deep in gratitude for all of you that sent me a note and there were so many! Wow! As Sally Fields said " You love me! You really love me!". You will not know how much those emails mean to me. THANK YOU!


Wow...When one goes googling.. you can find the most interesting information... did you know that if you have a blackout.. and don't have any candles.. you can use Brazil Nuts instead? I didn't! Really.. you can.  Check it out http://waynesword.palomar.edu/ecoph1.htm  I am trying to limit my amount of bad stuff.. and am eating more raw nuts. That is crazy... I tried it.. the damn nut fires up without much effort! Coolness!

Hey you all,

Well, well, well.....
My son has returned to help his father.... yahoo!! John Jr.. known as Johnny to his family and John to everyone else.. taught me how to create a web page when he was 15... he is now 24. He has also been the one to teach me how to use the cameras.. and get the excellent pictures. He keeps pushing me to upgrade the cameras and talked me into the one I have now. When I have had a steep learning curve.. he accesses the patience of his grandfather ( My Dad ) and talks me through my current problem. He's also a learning gourmet cook... and one heck of a fantastic budding father. He is such a nurturer to his 10 month old daughter.. it makes me so proud and humbled at the same time.  His "real" job is managing the largest outlet store for Norm Thompson Outfitters http://www.normthompson.com/ . And... in between being an excellent manager.. and a fantastic father he is coming to learn Dad's business. Incredible! And yes he is!
So.. on to the updates....

I have updated the Casa Crystals... Last update on these was a 100% sell out... it took my breath away....

Also the same result happened for the Dream Quartz... wow.. I didn't realize they would sell so well... oh man...

You want to hear a great story? In Tucson... I had all of my stuff boxed and ready to ship.. waiting for SAIA freight company
to come and pick it and haul it back home. So.. while I had time.. I had to look some more. I saw some large pieces of the Flame Aura quartz and the Opal Aura Quartz... As it was late in the day.. I put one large one of each that had great.. no excellent esthetics... and I said I would pick it up the next day to send home. Next day.. instead of picking them up.. my guidance was to change my schedule and get home. So.. I did. I won't go into the reason why I had to get home a day early. but it was good that I did. Days later I realized I had forgot to pick up those two wonderful pieces. I called them.. asked them if they still had those two pieces.. and they told me that they had just put them back out.. Ahh.... they knew which ones I was talking about... I had them ship them to me... and here they are!

And.. I was able to get the best Aqua Aura Quartz that I have picked up.. nice larger pieces too.

And lastly for today... is the Celestite Update. This year in Tucson.. it seemed to me to be the best selection of
Celestite that I have seen. The color was great. and the selection was good. These are really nice.

ok.. there we go.. now let's get some orders in here for that Son of mine to ship out!
In gratitude,


During the past couple of weeks we have had some orders go out that
were not 100%. Some of them were missing the Casa Crystal Booklets, at least one was missing the crystal and at least one that I know of had the wrong crystal. That means that someone else got a wrong one also.

This is not good. I have worked very hard to build trust with each and every one of you. I have let you down.

I will be making some changes here to insure that this does not happen again.

If you have received an order that was not complete, had the wrong items or for whatever reason you were not more than ecstatic about it.. please do let me know.

I feel that my reputation has suffered a bit of tarnishing and it is not acceptable. I want my reputation as your crystal dealer to be impeccable and 100%.

I am very sorry for any mistakes that have left from Exquisitecrystals.com LLC.
Someone said to me. "John.. it isn't your fault". Yes it is. It does not matter who packed your package or pulled your crystals. This is my business and I am responsible.

Thank you so much for your business and your trust. I pray that I have not lost it.

In gratitude,

John Van Rees


Hey all!

I got to spend some time today with my very good friends Paul and Kelly from Casper Wyoming, Paul has the company "The Jewelry Factory and his wife Kelly has a New Age Store.. the only one in Casper. :-) I am very close with these two
wonderful and loving people so it was a real treat to be able to spend even a few hours with them
outside of one of the major shows that we go to. Life is great with Good Friends.

Ok.. we have a few updates this week...

I LOVE Zincite... the world would be a lonely place without Zincite... so we have Zincite. I have put up a bunch of really nice smaller points.. and some even nicer ones too. These are getting tough to find.. really tough. If your a crystal healer, or do any form of crystal healing, you need at least thirty seven... well..you need at least 1 anyway...And boy is there ONE on that page....

Casa Crystals... I was able to get to some of the Casa Crystals for the Casa of John of God. I have one more to add that is the largest one I have seen.. or had.. but I won't put it on untilsometime on Wednesday.. but meanwhile there are a bunch of others... that is the second timeI said bunch tonight... it must be near Easter time and I am thinking of bunnies.. :-) I actually... believe it
or not.. but some bunnies to put in my kitchen window... is that weird or what?

Barite Roses... Since I moved over the Vancouver, Washington, I no longer live in the City of Roses (Portland, Oregon) but I still love Roses. I have a few small wild roses getting ready for their new growth in my front yard. I love roses! So... we have a new page of Barite Roses on the website. Something I think is really interesting is that according to Melody in Love Is In The Earth, the Native American lore is that the warriors that had gone to the spirit world came back at night to carve the Barite Roses. They considered them very sacred stones.

I put up some fun wands... more than fun.. they are great. Kyanite and Ruby and Fuchsite

The soft loving feeling of Charmin comes alive in Mangano Calcite... :-) Well... maybe Charmin isn't really loving.. but it sure is soft!

I picked up some really nice Laser Quartz clusters in Tucson... man there is still so much to unpack.. but one day at time ....There was one really esthetic Golden Cluster and a few other esthetic clear clusters.. they are all really sweet.

And lastly.. but not leastly... that is not a word.. I know it  .. and I don't care cause I am going to use it... :-) I wasable to get another of the Rose DeFrance Pendants from Lawrence Stoller. I also discovered that the Amethyst Infinity
on there is also the Rose DeFrance Amethyst. That thing is gorgeous! And there are a couple of Mobius sculptures/carvingsthat are really pure in their energy.. and will make great healing tools. The mobius is a never ending loop... so image the energy of the Gemmy Citrine or the Gem grade Madagascar Rose Quartz in an infinite loop! Amazing to think of.

Today I recieved additional training in the Vogel Crystal Healing. I have quite a few Vogel Wands that I bought in Tucson that have not been unpacked yet.. but that is coming up later sometime... For anyone close enough to Vancouver Washington, I would encourage you to consider making an appointment for a session on the Vogel Healing Table. The work that happens with that energy is amazing... really amazing. When I was given my first treatment on one of these tables it was the most profound subtle energy treatment that I had ever received! I am so fortunate to have one now that I can use to assist others
in their healing process.

Ok.. That's it folks.. like Dad use to say.. " See you in the funny papers!"

In gratitude,



Great news!!!! I will be taking my first step into on line advertising with hayhouseradio.com! yahoo!!!!! I will be advertising on  the Doreen Virtue and
Sylvia Browne shows. I feel really positive about this venture. I think it is really exciting. Now.. if we get the results I think we will.. I need to keep my nose to the grindstone to get the site pumped up with new crystals and minerals.. and to fill up some of the empty pages! You guys are making me work so hard.. poor me...*LOL*... As my father would say.. " Son.. it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick"! Thank you so very much for all your support and love!

Wow... I can't believe it has been almost two weeks since I last posted.. I thought I was going to be posting every day! Well.. what the heck do I know? I have had a lot of fun doing several treatments with the Vogel Healing Bed ( Unit). There is a testimonial over there that is awesome... I am really loving having that bed. I use it for the emotional release when I get frustrated with myself.. which means I am probably under those lights more than I am on the computer!..no.. that isn't really true.. but a couple times a week anyway.

I have put up quite a bit of the dream quartz http://www.exquisitecrystals.com/dream-quartz.shtml . They are moving out quite fast as I have not announced it on the update list as yet. I still have some larger clusters to post as well as what is there. These are super fun crystals.

I don't know what was going on Astrologically yesterday.. I have to look it up.. but I had two people very close to me call with meltdowns around work.. oh... there is that Mercury retrograde thing... oh hell yeah... that is what is was. Communication gone bad... oh man.... I wonder if there was something else?

Speaking of Astrology.... there is a great site if you don't know about it... http://www.astro.com   You can get a lot of free stuff there.. and you can spend money too if you want. That is where I go for my instant gratification  for days like yesterday.. so I think I will head over there right now. Later gators!


There is a new website... single page for now...
go check out my new toy... I am loving it! Anyone want to come to Vancouver?

Also.. I have updated the Phenacite page with the Burmese Phenacite. I was told that after the current "crop" is gone.. that will be it on these. You never know if that is really the truth... so I am just relaying what I was told.


Iam too tired tonight to write anything fun.. so I will just repost the email I just sent out. Yeah.. I know it is cheating.. but I won't tell anyone. :-)

Hello Newman...............

Ok.. I've been watching too much Seinfeld  .. for those who are not in the USA . that was a very funny TV show that is
seen a LOT in re-runs...


I have been busy.. you may not know it.. or believe it but I have. I have started a blog that you can access from any page on the website. It will tell you what I have been doing.. and will list the updated pages as I go. That way those of you who
just can't wait for an update can see what is new on the pages. I need to update it now... :-)


I have added the Papagoite and Ajoite from Tucson. The Colors on these are incredible... I don't know really how much longer
we will be able get Papagoite.. it is from the Same mine as the Ajoite.. so no more being mined.. for several years. This year when I went to the South African Dealer who controls this stuff... he said someone else was on the way for
all of the Papagoite he brought... sheesh! I believe it was some Japanese folks.. the Japanese love the Ajoite and
Papagoite.. but rightly so as it is a beautiful stone with such a "high intention energy".


I have worked very hard on the new material from Lawrence Stoller. I finally got to meet Lawrence in Tucson.. even though he lives only a couple of hours away from me! Lawrence is considered to be one of the very best if not THE best Quartz Carver in the world. The finish he gets on the pieces is simply awe inspiring. I went to him to see about getting some of the Russian Lermurians I knew he still had, and ended up getting a lot more. His work is an investment. They are not cheap.. but they
are the best of the best in this category. I will be working with Lawrence going forward with special orders and projects. I am honored and humbled that He and his wife Sunni have asked me to feature his work on www.exquisitecrystals.com  If you want a special one of a kind piece of jewelry.. or a hand created working tool..or a special display pieces.. we can try to accommodate you. I am really excited about this working relationship. Just call me with any questions. I will be adding more items to his pages soon showing some of the great pendants and chakra tools. I currently have the Dukes Castle in my bedroom.. and the Goddess Glow in my family room. They are so pretty.. and the energy they bring is so soothing .. and energizing at the same time. I am so lucky....


Several of you asked for more of the beautiful Indian (East India) jewelry from my friends in Bombay. I got carried away.. compared to past years. There are over 15 new necklaces there that are bright and beautiful. They look so full of life and energy. I even splurged and bought a Tanzanite Drop Necklace. There were only two created ... and the daughter of my friend who I buy these from bought the 2nd one for her business in Ohio. Last year after Tucson the daughter married an American and is now helping him run his group of stores. But I got the first pick.. I beat her to her Dad's room in Tucson! YAHOOO!!!


And lastly for tonight... Pink Fire Quartz. I posted quite a few Pink Fire Quartz.. and let the people on the waiting list know they were ready. Now.. every one else can know they are ready. I was able to get a really nice selection of these at Tucson.. I went to the opening day of the show and went to this dealer straight away. I thought I bought more than I would need.. and
guess what.. I should have got more.. Now I won't be able to hand pick them again until September! Oh man.. the challenges of buying stones...


Ok.. that's it for tonight.. tomorrow come something else...

In gratitude,




Ok.... I just noticed I like to start out that way.. Ok.. I am going to rant a bit right now. Everyone (many.. some.. maybe a few?) thinks I am a nice laid back guy. A lot of the time that is true. But today I have a stick up my arse about Ebay. Not about EBay.. as eBay is a great thing... but some of the mineral dealers on eBay. I get upset when I see mineral dealers selling stuff on ebay that is not what they say it is . Examples are Russian Lemurian Quartz and Ajoite. Folks.. that stuff in matrix is NOT Ajoite. I even emailed a few of the people that were selling the fake stuff as the real stuff... trying to explain to them the difference. The replies I received back indicate they don't want to know the truth... that they will then have made a bad investment or that they will have to admit to themselves that made a wrong choice. Get over it! We all make mistakes... I have made some stupid mistakes... but heck.. own it.. admit it and learn from it.  The Messina mine has been closed for a really long time... probably over 15 years now. There is a park where the entrance used to be. It is closed..done... gone.. and yet these people are being told and repeating the story of a new find of matrix material in shaft 190 million or something. Not true! And then there are all these people out there in the world who want to be able to afford a piece of Ajoite but can't so they believe that what they are seeing is true. I can't blame the end customer.. or even the dealers who don't know better. But somewhere someone is hurting the user by plain old fashioned dishonesty. Same thing is happening with the Russian Lemurian Quartz. No more is coming out. It is over on the production. There was ONE dealer who had the supply... who had an agreement with the European who was bringing it from Russia. I even talked with the European at Tucson.. there is no more. The Russian Lemurian Quartz is clean internally.. it is super clear... There are people again on Ebay selling stuff that may have come from Russia.. but it is NOT the Sacred Scribe Lemurian Quartz. ACKKKK!!!!!!! ABout the only material left of this super quartz is the polished pieces that were sent off to China to be cut and polished by the European dealer..and that Lawrence Stoller has used to create those breathtaking peices. Ok... ( there I go again).. I am back to work now. Have a great day. :-)


This year I got brave and tried something different. Last spring I bought a few really nice pieces of polished quartz that were done by a fabulous Artist named Lawrence Stoller.. which sold out immediately  I talked a bit about him below on the 9th.. a week ago. I finally got those large pieces plus a couple of others on the pages today... http://www.exquisitecrystals.com/lawrence-stoller.shtml . I also put up the Papagoite.. which is the first of this I have had in at least 5 years. I sold a couple on consignment last year before I went to Tucson and saw how freaking expensive they were. This year they went up even more as the supply is dwindling by the day... and I know they will be more next year. http://www.exquisitecrystals.com/Ajoite.shtml is the page they are on as they come from the same mine as the Ajoite. There are some new wonderful Ajoite pieces on that same page as well. The Pink Fire Quartz is now up on the page.. http://www.exquisitecrystals.com/Pinkfire.shtml  I thought I had plenty of it.. but it has sold very well already. Man.. buying crystals is not an easy job! Either you buy too much or not enough... I haven't really found that porridge bowl of just enough. Someday I may learn though. :-)


Ok.... that was cool. I took a Day off! It was Sunday and I painted  my bedroom. When I moved in it was a  bright color of Salmon! I love Salmon.. maybe one of my favorite meals...but it just wasn't a calming color to sleep in. Matter of fact, even the ceiling was painted this Salmon color. So.. before I could sleep in there, I painted the ceiling white. I thought I could live with that. Now three months later.. nope. So.. out comes the color chart of Divine Paints from Miller Paint. They make Color Therapy for the Northwest. :-) I thought I would use some form of pink since that is my relationship corner of the house. But come on.. a pink bedroom for a man? Sheesh. So I couldn't find any pinks that I liked... and I do actually love Pink. So out comes the pendulum.. my old friend that helps me with hard decisions. I get a brownish color that now on my walls looks like milk chocholate. It somehow makes the room look larger and it is more relaxing. And my dreams are sure interesting!

I spent the day of Monday fretting over the Pink Fire Quartz. I was so frustrated... here I have this great camera.. a Nikon D50 with a 60MM Close -up lens and it should be easy as cake. But nooooo.... I can't get the magic of the quartz in the pictures. I try moving the lights around... in front, in back, overheard, side ways, and I even tried to stand on my head to get the pictures right. Dang.... So finally I just say.. hold the darn things in your hand and that worked. Where is that pendulum when I really need it? After like 14 hours of working on this, I am finally able to send out the notice to those who have been waiting patiently for months. Cool.. now I can chill and watch Leno.. but Leno is only 1/2 hour because of the Olympics. But he did get some great jokes in about Dick Cheney shooting his lawyer friend while shooting for Quail. I am surprised I haven't heard any Dan Quayle jokes around this. Man.. I do stay up late... and it is always so darn hard to choose between Leno, Letterman and Kimmel. No wonder I don't get any sleep! :-)

Today is Valentines Day. Love to all of you... you are the ones who bring love into my life everyday. I appreciate you more than you can know. Remember.. "If you can't be with the one you love, then love the one your with". When I looked that up.. that is really not in tune with today! Oh my gosh.... Oh well.. the 60's were the 60's! Nice place to visit.. wouldn't want to live there. Or would I?????


Today was pretty boring.. and you guys are going to skin me alive. I didn't get anything done today. I went to Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces for a Fairy Card Reading by one of my favorite people, Candice Covington. She is really good... took what my issue was and hit it on the head. Great job Candice! She is also a very good Aromatherapist and this is where her heart lays. When you can talk her into it she can give one hell of a great massage.. but don't tell her I told you so.

Yesterday I got a very nice call from an old friend who use to have a new age store here in Vancouver, Washington. It was his store where I did my first readings for the public.. out in the public. He is a terrific writer and very creative. He used to make portraits of people showing their fairy or angel wings. He takes a photo, then paints with the computer the image he sees of the individual. I am trying to talk him into creating these again as they are so fun. They would make great gifts for the kid of any age. To see yourself with the wings really helps to empower us and bring back the magic. We all need more magic. His name is Lonny but he goes by Starfeathers as his web name.  Check out his writing, I think you will like it. Lonny is also has a real connection to the stores and has worked on his own crystal healing with great success. He'd be happy to tell you about it if you write him.

I fixed myself a delicious dinner of salmon and spinach salad. One of my Brazilian friends gave me a recipe for salmon using oranges, I don't think I remembered it right but it was great none the less. I really need... change that.. I am planning on doing more cooking for myself and less eating out. Good bye extra weight.. welcome back a more balanced John!

Off to finish my night by watching a movie.. The Wedding Crashers... it looks great... and I can always use another laugh or two. Life was meant to be fun, right?


Today we unpacked some of the polished material that I bought to put in the showroom at Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces in Portland... mostly carnelian pieces and a few spheres. I ended up buying quite a bit of carnelian so there will be more that we unpack later to put on the web site. It is the 6th Anniversary of Healing Waters & Sacred Spaces this year. We also unpacked the lot of luscious green Dream Quartz from Columbia that was my first purchase in Tucson. I believe that there may be just one piece that is green and blue in the same piece. We also unpacked the large Lawrence Stoller pieces. These are polished or semi polished larger crystals set into Cast Bronze light bases.  These are true works of art by a true Crystal Artisan. You can read about this wonderful man at www.crystalworks.com. I also bought a couple of other wonderful Polished Russian Lemurian Quartz  from Lawrence in Tucson as well. I will be putting up a page of his items soon.

I had my daughter Stephanie here helping me today.... that is such a nice way to spend a day. She is so funny.. as she unpacks things she oohs and ahhs... even though she is not a "crystal person". She is an artist though and really appreciates the beauty. I wish I could have both of my kids here helping me as they are such sweet people. I got very lucky with my children. They are both grown but still live in the area. Friday my son John and his significant other Megan  will be bringing my granddaughter for a short visit. She started crawling while I was gone so I am more than anxious to see her. She is so cute that I can't help but laugh when I look at her pictures.


I just returned from Tucson with a ton... probably at least a ton :-) ... of new crystals and minerals. I looked diligently for new Starbrary Crystals.. and was successful in finding a few. Also I was able to hand select a nice selection of the John of God Crystals which I will put up soon on at www.exquisitecrystals.com

I will be adding features to the blog site at www.exquisitecrystals.net that you will not find at the home site www.exquisitecrystals.com I will be adding features of how to use healing crystals, how to program crystals and how to determine what crystals and minerals will be best for you. Another feature I hope to add soon is a link of Crystal Healers from different parts of the United States as well as perhaps other countries.

If there are other topics you would like discussed, just let me know and I will see what we can do.

In gratitude,


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